Our comprehensive homeowner policies are tailored to protect your biggest investment. We can provide replacement cost, identity theft, water back up and limited mold coverage.

Some things to consider:

  • Homeowners
    • Have you renovated/remodeled your home and increased the value of your homeowners coverage?
    • Do you have water back up coverage?
    • Are you covered during an earthquake?
    • Do you own a home business?
    • Are you a board member for a non-profit organization?
  • High Valued Estates
    • Is your trust listed as an additional insured?
    • Has your estate been inspected to capture the photos of your outdoor living space?
    • Do you own vacant land?
  • Vacation Homes
    • Is your liability insurance extended from your primary homeowners insurance?
    • Are family members covered if you let them rent the home?
  • Rental Property
    • Does your rental property coverage include Loss of Rents coverage?
  • Valuable Articles / Collections
    • Is your wine collection scheduled?
    • Are your guns, collectibles and jewelry listed individually to their full stated stated amount?

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